Simple Vehicle Management...

Designed for Dealerships.

Zoomist is the best online platform for managing your dealership's loaner and rental vehicles. We power thousands of reservations every year for forward-thinking businesses like yours.

Zoomist was built to change the way you manage your vehicles. Our goal is to provide dealerships with a simple, modern, and powerful way to manage their loaner/rental vehicles and reservations, and to give your customers an amazing experience during the process.


Fleet Management Made Easy

Zoomist makes managing your fleet of vehicles and your base of clients easy to do. As a result, you will be able to grow your fleet, providing more value to your store and to your clients.

Client Experience

Focused on hospitality

Zoomist streamlines the experience for both clients and dealership staff. Electronic OEM contracts, eSignatures, and streamlined processes make the loaner and rental car processes effortless.


Pick-up and Delivery is where we shine

Zoomist is optimized to work on tablets and smartphones, making off-site deliveries as easy as doing them in your store. Keep giving your clients the experience you want them to have, even 'on the fly'.

Utilization and Tracking

Robost data tracking for fleet and customer management.

Never wonder what your vehicles are doing. Track your fleet to see how your vehicles are performing, and then have insight on how to grow your fleet with confidence and peace of mind.

Success Story

We work hard with our dealer partners to make sure they have the right solution to help them grow and succeed.

"Zoomist is the key technology that helped us to grow our loaner fleet with confidence and excel at Pick up and delivery. We manage a fleet of almost 100 vehicles and have performed thousands of mobile transactions. Zoomist makes things effortless for us and for our clients!"

24/7 Support

"Zoomist provides 24/7 support to make sure your questions are answered quickly and your business continues to run smoothly."

"I was up and running the same day. Their team helped us get set up and have been there to assist with any questions along the way. We REALLY like Zoomist."

From the Company

We take the modern approach on technology that has grown old. We have everything you need to deliver seamless in- and out-of-store experiences.

"We have been working with Dealerships all over the country as we built Zoomist. Each day we continue to get better and improve, and we push those updates regularly to all of our dealer partners."

We are flexible

We built Zoomist from the ground up, specifically designing it for car dealerships. We'll even customize Zoomist's back-end so it's a perfect fit for your store's workflow...FOR FREE

Some integrations that make life simple


Our integration with Stripe payment processing is simple and easy to set up. As incidentials or rental charges are processed through Zoomist, they are directly deposited into your bank account.


Zoomist is integrated with Salesforce to make tracking your accounts, opportunities, and revenue easy to set up and report on.

Modern technologies to meet modern needs

Join the dealerships who are currently powered by Zoomist

Zoomist is FREE for 30 days, including us helping you get set up. Try it out, press some buttons, make customer's happy. Then, it's only $399/month when you're ready to subscribe. No minimum arrangement, and you can cancel any time.